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io-consultants supports Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders e.V., an academic association at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is building an orphanage and a school for around 300 children in mountainous southern Haiti, as part of its ‘Beaumont – Future for Children’ project. On Tuesday, 6 December 2016, io-consultants held a workshop for eight of the association’s volunteers, to help them plan the orphanage canteen.


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news-events-type-news Heidelberg 16.1.2017 io-consultants supports Engineers Without Borders
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 16.12.2016 io-consultants supports Engineers Without Borders
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 15.12.2016 HARIBO Gold Bears logistics go into service
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 18.10.2016 BMW opens new warehouse for spare parts management
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 18.10.2016 BMW opens new warehouse for spare parts management
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 6.10.2016 io-consultants and Picavi enter into cooperation
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 30.9.2016 SECURA Group celebrates topping-out ceremony of high-automation logistics centre in Bavaria
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 14.7.2016 New logistics facility: io-consultants provides project management and implementation support for BMW
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 11.7.2016 io-consultants participates in NCT charity run
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 8.7.2016 io-consultants plans worldwide distribution centres for top automobile manufacturer
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 31.5.2016 io-consultants granted “SAP® Recognized Expertise in Supply Chain Management”
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 24.5.2016 io-consultants plans canteen kitchen technology for refugee accommodation in Neuss
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 13.5.2016 Master’s Project in Catering/Healthcare
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 3.5.2016 io-consultants gives customised SAP IT support
news-events-type-news Heppenheim 1.4.2016 JÄGER DIREKT opens new electronics plant in Heppenheim – production already running
news-events-type-news Niedernhall 30.3.2016 PCB factory reconstructed in record time
news-events-type-news Hamburg 29.3.2016 Logistics above the clouds
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 8.3.2016 Cooperation in warehouse logistics: io-consultants and topsystem join forces
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 23.2.2016 io-consultants realises new production and logistics site for Britax Römer
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 19.2.2016 io-consultants and WALA celebrate ground-breaking ceremony of new sales and logistics centre
news-events-type-news Heppenheim 2.2.2016 Henry Schein opens new logistics centre in Heppenheim
news-events-type-news Berlin 27.1.2016 io-consultants refurbishes high-bay warehouse for B. Braun in Berlin
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 10.12.2015 io-consultants steers European introduction of energy monitoring system at ABB
news-events-type-news Frankfurt 24.11.2015 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology students and io-consultants visit LSG Sky Chefs
news-events-type-news Abu Dhabi 19.11.2015 io-consultants is designing Etihad's new catering facility in Abu Dhabi
news-events-type-news Ditzingen 17.11.2015 io-consultants plans new logistics centre for TRUMPF
news-events-type-news Poing 4.11.2015 BestSecret presents new central warehouse in Poing
news-events-type-news Heidelberg 21.10.2015 More drive in Dingolfing: io-consultants plans global spare parts logistics centre for Bavarian car maker
news-events-type-news Freiburg 1.10.2015 Pfizer builds new continuous manufacturing plant
news-events-type-news Heppenheim 28.9.2015 JÄGER DIREKT celebrates topping out ceremony of new electronics plant
news-events-type-news Andernach 11.9.2015 Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG celebrates opening of new logistics centre
news-events-type-news Lindau 4.9.2015 io-consultants begins modernisation of Inselhalle Lindau's kitchen
news-events-type-news Bensheim 31.7.2015 Successful investment project: Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie inaugurates new manufacturing facility
news-events-type-news Hergensweiler 27.7.2015 io-consultants supports rose plastic with SAP implementation
news-events-type-news Knittlingen 8.5.2015 Richard Wolf opens new logistics and service centre
news-events-type-news Danbury, Connecticut, USA 14.4.2015 High service level at the new production plant of BELIMO
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